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If we don't do it we don't sell it, if we don't like it ourselves we don't sell it, we treat customers interests as if they were ours because they are.

Jon's Golf & Ski

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Jon's Golf & Ski
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Our Services

Club Car: "Carry All 295"

We are an Authorized Distributer and Service Center for Club Car. We have over 40 years combined experience in golf car mechanics specializing in electric and can advise you as to which vehicle fits your needs.

Custom Work

Custom bodies, paint, lift kits, chrome wheels, our own custom enclosure, seat covers, dash covers, light kits, speed and torque upgrades for electric cars/carts.

Wake Ski

Born & Bred in the great northwest and continuing the tradition by selling HO, HYPERLITE brands. 


Recent News

2010-2011 Tax Credits

2010, Jan

Club Car Tax credits of $880 to $1,300 or more are available, if you qualify. Tax credits are based on 10% of the vehicle invoice price for Carryall and Villager Street Legal Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) purchased and put into service by December 31, 2011. Click here to see the IRS guidance

Is my Club Car street legal?

2009, April

The most reliable and cost-effective utility vehicles in the industry have been equipped to be street legal on many roads posted at 35 mph or less. The Carryall LSV line boasts a tough, dependable AC drive system and 1/2 ton vehicle capacity for those demanding jobs.

HO's A1 titles keep piling up

2010, Jan

Since the A1s introduction in mid 2008, the ski has continued to take titles and chalk up records. Will Asher won 11 of the 12 events he entered in 2008 on his A1 and looking back at the results from our team in 2009, we know the A1 is the real deal.